Aureum Re

Aureum Re is a Cayman based reinsurance company, owned by an international group of experienced financial professionals with backgrounds focused predominantly in the insurance and reinsurance business. The management team at Aureum Re has a long professional history in the global reinsurance market, specializing in U.S. issued insurance products, and is well positioned to provide a compelling reinsurance offering to clients. Aureum Re focuses on the reinsurance of fixed annuities, variable annuities, and supplemental contracts issued by U.S. domiciled insurance companies.

Aureum Re was established in 2016 and licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) as a Class D insurance company. Aureum Re was initially capitalized with US$100 million and has shareholder commitment for significant future contributions to fund growth.

The Gold Advantage

Assets are held in a trust at a level sufficient for our clients to receive full reserve credit.
Reserves are backed by a portfolio of high quality assets held in trust.
Our company structure allows for low overhead costs providing clients with competitive pricing.
Private ownership structure leads to decision making efficiencies that increase speed to close.
Ownership group is known for long term partnership commitments.
Flexible deal structuring results in a tailored solution for our clients.